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Contract and Guarantee


Purchase Date: __________________Purchase Price: ___________Pick up Date: _________________


Breed: ______________Sex: ______Whelped: _________________Color: ______________________


Sire: ___________________________________Dam: ______________________________________


Customer Name: ________________________________________Phone#:______________________

Customer Address:___________________________________________________________________

Customer E-mail address:______________________________________________________________


Puppy Guarantee:  Your puppy is guaranteed to be sound in both mind and body.

You are responsible for regular veterinary care, including the remainder of the vaccinations, rabies vaccinations, and periodic worming.

Your puppy has been given his/her first shots and has been wormed regularly and the dates of these treatments have been recorded in your pet health record. Take the health record and your puppy to the vet of your choice within 72 hours in order for the current health of the puppy to be established and to receive instructions on continuing care and vaccination schedule.

All the puppies sold as pets on a limited registration are required to be spayed or neutered by ten (10) months of age, After this has been done the buyer must send the seller a copy of the receipt signed by the vet.

All puppies are guaranteed to be free of genetic defects up to two years. If genetic problems are found in the first 24 months the Genetic problems must be agreed upon by three separate veterinarians. The buyers are responsible for all veterinarian expenses. If a genetic problem is agreed upon, the seller will replace said Great Dane with a Great Dane of equal value when available.  There will be no cash refunds. Should the buyer choose to keep the puppy the puppy must be spay or neutered and proof sent to the breeder.

Any breeding consideration shall not take place until the puppy has reached the age of two (2) years old.

The buyer agrees not to begin strenuous exercise and physical training with the puppy until the puppy has reached a minimum age of eighteen (18) months. This is to prevent damage to the puppy during formative stages. The buyer acknowledges that failure to meet any requirement in this contact will void said contract. Any surgeries performed on the puppy, including the cropping of ears, resulting in death or an incapacitation condition is solely the responsibility of the buyer and the buyer alone.  The seller shall not be held responsible for the acts of the puppy after it leaves the sellers premise. The seller shall not be held responsible for the development of non-genetically derived faults, diseases, or disorders after the puppy leaves the seller.

Seller guarantees that the puppy is in good health and has received appropriate medical care, including inoculations and worming. The seller will provide the buyer with a medical chart/record detailing treatment the puppy has received under the seller’s care and any future care the seller feels is essential to the puppy’s well being. The puppy is not to be given Calcium supplements. The puppy MUST be given Vit C to aid in the growing process and development of tight feet and strong straight legs as well as general health.

Should the puppy be diagnosed with any genetic medical disorder prior to one (2) years of age which is life threatening or significantly reduces the quality of life of the puppy, having been tested to by three (3) licensed veterinarians the seller will, upon being provided with veterinary verification and documentation provide the buyer with one of the following:

Should the buyer choose to keep the puppy a credit of the purchase price will be given to go towards the purchase price of a replacement puppy. This will only be offered after proof of spay/neuter of the original puppy has been presented to the seller.

Should the puppy be euthanized, the seller will provide a replacement puppy of the same color and sex, or the buyer may choose the replacement puppy retained by the seller and sold, and the purchase price of the original puppy minus any shipping expenses) forwarded to them.

The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges both on the original puppy and any replacement puppy.

 Full AKC Registration: ___________Purchase Price: ________________Pick Up Date:______________

Amount Paid: _____________________________Balance Due:________________

Customer Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: ______________